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Our schedules, our routines, and our lives have been turned upside down. Some of us are working remotely from our homes. Some jobs and businesses have been temporarily shuttered by government mandates. We're adjusting to new schedules to better align with social distancing requirements. All of the sudden, we're sitting around and we've got some extra time on our hands.

But, we've got a choice. We can choose to spend our day getting sucked into social media and the 24-hour news cycle. Or, we can choose to focus our time and energy on positive things like educating ourselves and our co-workers. Frankly, we're choosing the latter.

We’ve put together an entire library with hours of free training material to support our industry, our customers, and anyone who operates a crane, rigs a load, or works at height. 

This is all completely free and open to you. We're not asking for any payment or personal information from you. Please share this with anyone who you think might benefit from it!

Rigging Resources (Click here for all articles)
How to Calculate the Weight of a Load
Does OSHA Require a Hook With a Safety Latch?
What Are the Different Types of Lifting and Sling Hooks?
Wire Rope Slings vs. Alloy Chain Slings vs. Synthetic Slings
Sling Hitch Types: Vertical vs. Basket vs. Choker
Rigging Professor Playlist
Portage County Safety Council: "Rig it Right" with Al Abel
How to Dispose of Rigging Gear Guide
Lifting & Rigging Site Assessment Guide
Lifting & Rigging Best Practices [Infographic]
Hook Latch Replacement Cross-Reference Guide
Lifting and Rigging Industry Standards Reference Guide
Video Playlists:

Overhead Crane Resources (Click here for all articles)
Cranes 101 Online Course
What is an Overhead Crane?
What Are the Different Types of Overhead Cranes?
Overhead Bridge Cranes: Single Girder vs. Double Girder
What is a Gantry Crane? Different Types and Design
Crane Electrification: Conductor Bars vs. Festoon vs. Cable Reel
Cranes 101 Playlist
What is an Overhead Crane?
What is a Gantry Crane?
Single Girder vs. Double Girder Design
A Deeper Dive into Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
Why Arch Beams Could Pose a Real Danger to Your Employees
Overhead Cranes: From Top to Bottom
Top 10 Things to Consider When Selecting an Overhead Crane
Bridge Crane Quote Comparison Tool
Video Playlists:

Rigging Inspection Resources (Click here for all articles)
Sling Inspections Online Course
ASME B30.9 Synthetic Web Sling Inspection Requirements
How to Inspect Wire Rope Slings to ASME B30.9 Requirements
ASME B30.26 Shackle Inspection Requirements
How Often Should You Inspect Slings and Rigging Equipment?
Common Problems Found During a Rigging Inspection
Common Problems Found During a Rigging Inspection
The Problem with Inspection Tags
Inspecting Your Lifting Slings to ASME B30.9 Standards
Lifting & Rigging Inspection Frequencies & Records Guide
Video Playlists:

Crane Service Resources (Click here for all articles)
Five Common Problems With Overhead Cranes and How to Avoid Them
Overhead Crane Inspection and OSHA Compliance 
Overhead Crane Electrification: NEC 610.61 Grounding Requirements
Installing an Overhead Crane in an Existing Building Structure
Overhead Crane Safety Features and Technologies
Overhead Crane & Hoist Service: Upgrades & Modernizations E-Book
Overhead Crane Pre-Inspection Checklist
Crane Operator Pre-Shift Inspection Checklist

Rigging Training Resources (Click here for all articles)
13 Rigging Best Practices for Overhead Lifts
OSHA Definitions of Competent, Qualified, Designated, and Certified
Why Pay for Lifting and Rigging Training When You Can Get it for Free?
How to Get More Out of Your Lifting and Rigging Training Classes
Sling Protection Basics: How to Maintain and Store Your Lifting Slings

Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices Resources (Click here for all articles)
Spreader Beams vs. Lifting Beams: Advantages and Disadvantages
What Makes My Below-the-Hook Lifting Device OSHA Compliant?
What is a Below-the-Hook Lifting Device?
What You Should Know Before Buying a Below-the-Hook Lifting Device
Below-the-Hook Design Considerations Bundle Pack

Wire Rope Resources (Click here for all articles)
What is Wire Rope?
Electro-Galvanized vs. Hot Dip Galvanized Wire Rope 
Single-Part vs. 7-Part Wire Rope Slings: Which is Best?
Wire Rope End Terminations: Sockets, Wire Rope Clips, and Splices
What is the Best Kelly Line Rope for Foundation Drilling Rigs?

Fall Protection Resources (Click here for all articles)
How to Calculate Total Fall Distance When Using Fall Protection Equipment
How to Make Personal Fall Protection Equipment OSHA Compliant
How to Identify Workplace Hazards by Performing a Job Safety Analysis
What is a Rigid Rail Fall Protection System?
Top 10 Safety Tips for Working at Height (Infographic)
How to Get Your Personal Fall Protection OSHA Compliant
What is Personal Fall Protection (And Do I Need It?)
Top 10 Safety Tips for Working at Height (Infographic)
Top 5 Fall Protection Hazards (Infographic)
Fall Protection JSA / WHRA Bundle
Video Playlists:

Hoists and Crane Components Resources (Click here for all articles)
Different Hoist Types: Manual vs. Electric vs. Air
Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs): Smart Motor Controls for Hoists and Cranes
Custom Built Up Hoists vs. Package Hoist Systems for Overhead Cranes
Upgrading Your Overhead Crane's Capacity: What You Need to Know
Overhead Cranes: Modular Cranes vs. Engineered Process Cranes

Warehouse Solutions Resources
Types of Warehouse Racking and Pallet Rack Systems
Industrial LED Lighting Solutions: Is an LED Retrofit Right for You?
9 Things to Consider When Designing a Warehouse Pallet Racking System
Structural vs. Roll Formed Pallet Racking Systems

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