Sling Inspections E-Book: A Guide to Inspections and Applicable Standards

Learn How To Inspect Your Slings for OSHA and ASME Compliance!

Do you know who's supposed to be inspecting your lifting slings? More importantly, do you know how often they're inspecting them?

OSHA 1910.184 and ASME B30.9 have different inspection requirements, frequencies, and removal criteria for each type of lifting sling—including wire rope, alloy chain, synthetic web, synthetic roundsling, synthetic rope, and metal mesh.

It takes a lot of effort and coordination to stay current on industry standards and to develop a rigging inspection program that's in compliance. Don't feel like you're in this alone. 




This e-book contains over 80 pages dedicated solely to the inspection of lifting slings. It's packed with information taken directly from OSHA & ASME standards, as well as expert tips and best practices on:

  • How often you need to inspect your slings
  • Identification tag requirements for each type of sling
  • Inspection and removal from service criteria
  • How to dispose of damaged or failed slings
  • Best practices for maintaining your slings
  • How to choose a third-party inspection company

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