ASME B30 Markings and Identification Guide

Do you know what information is required to be on your sling tags, hooks, shackles, hoists, or spreader bars?

Using lifting or rigging equipment with insufficient markings and identification can get you in a lot of trouble. When you know your equipment is properly marked, it provides you, as the end-user, with the following benefits:

  • Identity of the manufacturer for traceability purposes. Do you know who to contact if that equipment fails, or if you have questions about product or application use?
  • Rated load and/or Working Load Limit (WLL). Make sure the equipment you select is compatible with other rigging equipment and rated for the lift you're about to make.
  • OSHA/ASME compliance. ASME B30 has markings and identification requirements for all types of equipment used to rig or lift a load. If it isn't properly marked and you're using it, you're not in compliance.


Download this guide and you'll get access to ASME B30 markings and identification requirements for hoists, hardware, hooks, slings, and below-the-hook lifting devices.


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